Jive Mini Pods

Where is the official website for Jive Mini Pods? Do these really work like the real Apple airpods? From my cursory research, several pseudo-review sites all redirect or link to these 3 sites that appear to be official: jiveminipods.com + jiveminipods.network + jiveminipods.review.

However, the reviews about the Jive Pods on different sites show mixed results. You can't tell from the official sites, so it's better to also look at independent sites for genuine reviews, like this reddit thread: Review: What is Jive Mini Pods? Scam or Legit? and this de-Reviews page, Review: What is Jive Mini Pods? Scam or Legit?.

Can we trust the Jive Mini Pods site and its product?

Several characteristics may raise concern when researching the legitimacy and trust reputation of any website:

  • Does the about page provide a physical location and real names of people behind the product?

I was unable to find tangible information on the site, not in the about page, not in terms of use or privacy policy. Not a good sign.

  • Does the product have independent reviews from reliable media sources?

The Jive Pods website claims to have reviews or mentions in Techcrunch, Gizmodo, HuffPost, and USA Today. This is difficult to verify; I haven't found this to be true.

The ad image also claimed that the Jive Pod was USA Consumer Report 2019 "Best Wireless Headphone Sound Quality" - but that is unsubstantiated.

Actual real reviews from Consumer Reports consumerreports.org/headphones/best-true-wireless-earphones-of-the-year/ for Best True Wireless Earphones of 2020, noted that "models from Bose, JLab, Samsung, and Sony are among the top performers from our tests." And, Jive Pods is NOT listed in the 117 rated models for Headphones at https://www.consumerreports.org/products/stereo-headphone/ratings-overview/

  • Does the product fulfill its claims, in this case, where it ships from?

On the Jive Pods site, it said: "In order to deliver the best user experience and make sure all orders deliver quickly we ship all orders from our warehouse in Los Angeles, USA."

However, several reviews found mention that the product shipped from China. That is not Los Angeles.

Buyers beware.

How good are the Jive Mini Pods?

This is a real product being sold online, but its quality may be uncertain. Knowing that it is so much cheaper than the Apple Airpods that it is being compared to, it should be common sense and obvious that it's highly unlikely that anyone can manufacturer a product at such a lower price. It only makes sense that quality products require additional costs.

Buyers beware.

Actor Paid to Read Script for Instagram Ad about Jive Pods

According to this IGTV post, the actor who did those sponsored Instagram ads that's popping up in feeds, claims he never actually got to try out the Jive Pods.