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This is an assorted mix of articles, quotes, and texts that I've collected. Some collect baseball cards, some stamps. I collect information and knowledge. This web collection is being curated and preserved here to prevent link rot, obsolescence, and/or expiration of good content. See my personal website for the latest at

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MultiAsian.Church: A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World

MultiAsian.Church is a strategic guide for ministry for Asian Americans (and non-Asians too) in a multiethnic world. Sovereignly having a bicultural background, many next generation Asian Americans are uniquely adaptable to navigate in our racialized society in a hopeful and Gospel-sharing way through a growing number of next generation multi-Asian churches, a new phrase to describe this new kind of multiethnic church led by Asian Americans. DJ Chuang has packed this book with the latest statistics, real-life examples, stories, and recommendations to quickly inject the reader with pertinent information for ministering among the fastest growing racial ethnic group in America.

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For Multi-Site Churches, i.e. One Church Many Locations

Resources about multi-site churches; list of churches in a Leadership Community hosted by Leadership Network

For Chinese and Asian pastors and church leaders in America

Fellowship of American Chinese Evangelicals -- link to download from the entire AboutFACE archives of quarterly newsletters (1979-2003); cf. Timothy Tseng's commentary and analysis about FACE (in Semeia, 2002.) This collection of articles was adapted and published as a book in 2009, "Completing the FACE of the Chinese Church in America: the ABC Handbook: Promoting Effective Ministries to American-Born Chinese” by William L. Eng, Joseph C. Wong, Wayland Wong, David K. Woo and Peter Yuen.

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