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This is an assorted mix of articles, quotes, and texts that I've collected. Some collect baseball cards, some stamps. I collect information and knowledge. And I share them freely. Starting with the wy. This web collection is being curated and preserved here to prevent link rot, obsolescence, and/or expiration of good content. Also, see my personal website for the latest @ djchuang.com 

Resources for Chinese American pastors and church leaders

Learn more about the history and learnings from the earlier English ministry pastors and church leaders that were in the ethnic Chinese churches of the United States. EM pastors of Korean American churches and other Asian American ethnicities will find these articles as a reference of research.

Completing the Face of the Chinese Church in America

Fellowship of American Chinese Evangelicals (FACE)

FACE published a quarterly newsletter, AboutFACE, from 1979-2003; cf. Timothy Tseng's commentary and analysis about FACE (in Semeia, 2002.)  

This collection of articles was adapted and published as a book in 2009, "Completing the FACE of the Chinese Church in America: the ABC Handbook: Promoting Effective Ministries to American-Born Chinese” by William L. Eng, Joseph C. Wong, Wayland Wong, David K. Woo and Peter Yuen.
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Chinese American Christians (CAC) Forum

The CAC Forum was an active discussion forum that ran from 1995 to 2002. The CAC Forum archives provide a historical knowledge base about Chinese/Asian American Christianity. View the archive of the CAC Forum.



MultiAsian.Church: A Future for Asian Americans in a Multiethnic World

MultiAsian.Church is a strategic guide for ministry for Asian Americans (and non-Asians too) in a multiethnic world. Sovereignly having a bicultural background, many next generation Asian Americans are uniquely adaptable to navigate in our racialized society in a hopeful and Gospel-sharing way through a growing number of next generation multi-Asian churches, a new phrase to describe this new kind of multiethnic church led by Asian Americans. DJ Chuang has packed this book with the latest statistics, real-life examples, stories, and recommendations to quickly inject the reader with pertinent information for ministering among the fastest growing racial ethnic group in America.

Multi-Site Churches, i.e. One Church Many Locations

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Improve the SEO of your new Google Site

I received this email from Google Search Console after adding this new Google Site:

Not sure how to set this up? Use our help resources.

• Learn more details about site verification and how to set permissions for other users.

• Get help in setting a preferred domain or setting a geographic target.

• Learn what a sitemap is and how to manage it.

Ask questions in our forum for more help - mention message type [WNC-376106].

New Google Sites doesn't have sitemaps (yet?)

Since November 2017, Google has not added a sitemap function to the new Google Site, even though it was and still is available in the Classic Google Site.

Workaround for Sitemap of a New Google Site

The best answer comes from Rotary Steve:

Sitemaps do not influence indexing and/or ranking in google.  All it does is help googlebot find your pages to be indexed.  I made a sitemap page in my new site as an experiment.  Though, if your home page has all of the links in its navigation, just Ask Google to recrawl your URL's and then Select the option to "Crawl this URL and its direct links". Kind of serves the purpose of the sitemap, just not as efficient.  

Why Google doesn't make new Google Sites better?

Yes, a big part of Google's revenue stream is Ads on its search engine results. You'd think that by making the new Google Sites platform to be more (search engine optimization) SEO-friendly would make it more popular for quality content. Instead, we have websites that are built on other CMSes and platforms that can't keep up with the tweaks and modifications to the secret proprietary Google ranking algorithm.

All we can do is speculate, at this time, as to the why,

From what we can see of the new Google Sites' features and functions, it looks like the new Google Sites platform is all about having a nice website builder for G Suite customers and creating team sites.

URL redirected you too many times?

This page isn't working

Have you seen this error with your New Google Sites (not Classic Sites) doing this and it redirected you too many times? 


Here's how to fix this error, if you're using Cloudflare for your domain DNS...

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